Embody Your True Self! – AVRELLE


Embody Your True Self!

You Are More Than Enough.
You Are Unique.
You Are Worthy.
You Are YOU!

A question that always pops up in my mind:
Why can’t we be ourselves?

  1. Speaking our mind?
  2. Acting Freely?
  3. Going wherever & wherever we want?
  4. Living our own lifestyle?

Is it because we don’t really know our true selves?

Or maybe, we fear judgment or criticism?!

Ladies, take a deep breath…

We are not here to talk about “Gender Equality” or “Human Rights.” Instead, we want to talk about You. The Authentic You!

When you realize and accept the “Real You.” When you know what encourages you. When you know what you love and what you hate. When you focus on yourself instead of comparing yourself to others.

That’s when you can have Power!
That’s when you can make a Change!

So, the next time you feel like doing something out of the blue, Do It! Listen to your Guts.

Go have that new haircut. Color it Blue or have some shades.

When was the last time you had bangs?

Get that sexy dress. Embrace your Feminine Power.

Sounds cool, right?

Whether you do these things or not, people will judge you anyway. It doesn’t matter How Boring OR How Immature you are, just simply Be Yourself!

Your life, your choices. Choose what makes you feel alive and give your mind some peace.

This way you can let Daddy drive the kids to school today, because you’re too busy having that special “Me Time” at the spa.

It is better to live your own life imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life. Cuz darling, Nobody’s Perfect!

Always remember that nobody is You!

And that’s your Real Power!

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