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Hair Serum Vs. Leave-in: When Should You Use Each?

We all agree that using different hair care products will help us in reaching our goal of “A Good Hair Day Everyday”.

Did you know that some of the benefits of having a great hair routine include:

  1. Providing proper nourishment to your scalp
  2. Treating hair damage
  3. Frizz Control
  4. Making your hair feel soft & smooth

All while leaving your hair healthy & shiny!

Two amazing products that we can’t decide between are the Hair Serum & Leave-in.

Both provide amazing results on their own, but when united, they will give you the ultimate recipe for a silky-smooth hair!

It all comes down to….

How and when do we use different hair care products to reach the “Good Hair Day” goal?

Hair Serum Vs. Leave-in

It’s obvious from the texture that hair Serum is more condensed than Leave-in. This is due to the difference of the main substance they are both made of. Hair Serum is oil based, while the Leave-in is water-based. In addition to other ingredients, these two complementary products are an essential powerhouse for a soft & vibrant hair.

When should you use each?

Both products protect your hair against a variety of hair damage problems that may occur.

They give your hair the elasticity it needs by providing hydration to your dry hair. They also control frizz, by providing your hair with extra moisturizing elements. In addition, both products help in repairing hair damage caused by heat and chemicals via strengthening your hair strands.


  • Leave-In comes first, since it usually works as a foundation for your hair.
  • It also protects your hair from the harmful UVA & UVB lights.

Hair Serum

  • Hair Serum comes next after styling and heating, providing your hair with that extra shine you seek.
  • It controls the frizz as it adds an extra layer which acts as a shield, keeping your hair safe from undesirable elements.

How to use each?


Is easily absorbed by your hair due to its lightness. Leave it on your hair without washing. 

Always remember that Leave-ins must be applied on thoroughly cleansed hair.


  • Wash your hair from the dirt it carries using a shampoo and rinse it well.
  • Leave-ins can replace conditioners, but if your hair needs more nourishment, then condition it while ensuring that you wash it all out. 
  • Use your microfiber towel to absorb the excess water after your bath.
  • Gently apply the right amount of product on your hair.
  • Detangle your twigs with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Allow your hair to naturally dry or you can use a dryer.
  • Style it the way you like and enjoy each flip

As we believe in the power of each flip, we have brought you the Leave-in choice that won’t keep you hesitant.

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Hair Serum

A condensed defending layer with a slower infusion of hair. It acts as the shiny outer layer. Enhancing your straight hairstyle or moisturizing your curls.


  • Unlike Leave-in, it can be applied on wet, damp or dry hair. 
  • Warm a small amount of Serum between your hands by rubbing it.
  • Stay away from the roots and start applying it from the tip up to the mid-length of your hair.
  • You can apply it right after using the Leave-in. 
  • Gently detangle your hair and using a wide-tooth comb for an even distribution.
  • You can reapply it several times during the day to maintain your look. 
  • If you are exposing your hair to heat, apply the Serum after you’re done for a shiny look.

Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, serums help you keep your desired hairstyle.

Keep your bold look with AVRELLE Serums and protect your locks from unfavorable conditions.

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